- Servicing, reparation and rewinding of all types of electrical motors, electromagnets, welding machines, transformers and other electrical devices.(stators, armatures, coils and windings).

- Inspection with control station with optical or digital readings of all electric parameters, with possibility for regulation and selection of all the input parameters.

- Balancing various parts with weight of 0.3 kg up to 300 kg.

- Machining of various parts with weight up to 1000 kg, maximal length 3.5 m and maximal diameter up to 700 mm (cutting, turning, milling, planing, drilling, riveting up to modulus 9 etc).

- Manufacturing of welded steel constructions (scale platforms etc).

- Casting in sand and in die up to 20 kg.

- Forging up to 5 kg.

ISO 9001/2000