I. Production, distribution and servicing of weight measuring instruments

1. MRTT DOO developed a production of own electronic scales using components approved by the Bureau of Metrology of the Republic of Macedonia.

1.1 Scales for heavy loading vehicles, with capacity up to 50000 kg, with appropriate computer equipment (according to the needs of the customers).

1.2 Electronic scales for different industrial usage on bins, hoppers, asphalt and concrete bases (according to the needs of the customers).

1.3 Electronic platform scales for industry and trade (series MAS), with capacity from 60 up to 5000 kg and different dimensions (according to the needs of the customers).

2. Service of all kinds of electronic and mechanical scales: Class (I); (II); (III); (IV)
The service center has the adequate personal, material and space conditions for satisfying the needs of more than one customer at a time.
MRTT’s partners for production and distribution of electronic scales are: GWT Global (Germany), CAS (Korea), TEDEA/SHECKEL (Israel), PANTELIDIS (Greece).
By making exclusive contract with GWT Global, MRTT become member of the SARTORIUS group.

II.Verification of measuring devices

1. Verification of devices for measuring pressure, temperature and electrical values.

1.1 Laboratory for pressure measuring: verification of pressure gauges from -1 bar up to 500 bar.  

1.2 Laboratory for temperature measuring: up to 1600 0C

1.3 Laboratory for measuring electrical current, voltage and resistance.
The inspected measuring instruments are authorized for correctness and accuracy according to metrology authorities of Macedonia.
MRTT’s laboratories are in function of the use of the ISO 9000 standards in more than 50 organizations in Macedonia.

2. Servicing of measuring and control devices,parts of devices for measuring of non-electrical values (temperature, pressure, flow etc), assembling and putting into operation of new measuring devices in industrial conditions

III. Servicing of industrial cooling devices and air conditioners

ISO 9001/2000