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Alkaloid A.D. Skopje

Servicing and verification of 250 weighing instruments

MAKPETROL AD - Skopje, 1996

Reconstruction of hybrid weight bridge scale: capacity 50 t

RZ “SKOPJE” - Skopje, 1997

Reconstruction of double railroad track scale: capacity 2x60 t

OHIS - ICN - PHARMACY - Skopje, 1998

2 scales for dozing of syrup mixers

“OKTA”  RAFINERY - Skopje,  1999

Electronic weight bridge scale: Steel bridge 18X4 m, capacity 50 t

IRONWORKSSKOPJE” - Skopje, 2001 Electronic platform scale: capacity 20 t, platform 0.3X0.3 m
MINE STRMOS - Probistip, 2003 Electronic silo scale for mealy materials: capacity 30 t
Public enterprise for housing and business premises of R. Macedonia, 2004
Border passage Delcevo
Electronic weight bridge scale: Steel-concrete bridge (surface platform), capacity 50 t
MAKSTIL - Skopje, 2005 Slabs weighing scale in heavy plate roll strip mill, capacity 30 t


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